‘Home Aid’ concerts could help foreclosed homes

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Back in 1985 the late Bill Gramm Productions and Dick Clark Productions produced four Farm Aid Concerts because thousands of family farms were facing foreclosure. Because of this thousands of family farms were saved. Now it's the family homes' turn to be saved, and I am talking Home Aid Concerts all over America; rock, country, christian rock, folk, jazz, classical, choir and all types of concerts raising money for homeowners facing foreclosure, people facing bankruptcy and unemployed people whom are disabled and not eligible for disability, or unemployment insurance. As far as the Iraq War is concerned, I think America should file a multi-trillion dollar lawsuit against Iraq with attachments. I am quite sure Iran and Iraq knew about the terrorists but were afraid to say anything. When it comes to alternative fuel efficient automobiles we should have started manufacturing them right after the 1973 oil embargo. Paul Andrew Pease Grass Valley