‘In God We Trust’ a sign of city waste

Reader Input
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On Monday, Feb. 27, the Auburn City Council gave the green light to having a sign designed for the council chambers that reads “In God We Trust.” Councilmember Kevin Hanley is quoted as saying that it is not pushing faith on anyone, and that it will serve as a reminder to elected officials to be modest about what they do, to always think about their decisions, ask residents and not think they have all the answers. First of all, how does “In God We Trust” say that? It implies blind faith in a deity, that’s it. Second, I would rather have faith that I have a competent city council that isn’t wasting money on a frivolous sign at the same time when budgets are being slashed and public services are suffering. Spend the money on fixing some street lights, giving a fireman a raise, buying a new computer for the library, or feeding the homeless. Believe me, God will understand. Herbert Garrison, Auburn