‘In God We Trust’ sign doesn’t belong

Reader Input
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Our local citizens and officials who are so eager to post “In God We Trust” in government buildings (Journal, Feb. 28) seem to be unaware that this slogan is not true for about 20 percent of the current American population. The fastest-growing philosophical segment over the past two decades is people who doubt or do not believe, making unbelievers more numerous today than any denomination except Catholics. In addition, among young people, those born since 1990, the percentage of nonbelievers has apparently reached about 30 percent. Our Constitution prohibits any kind of religious test either for service in government or for receipt of government services. Posting “In God We Trust” in a public meeting room informs all in attendance that a religious test is in force …and if you are among the one in five Americans who does not believe in God you are not welcome here. In fairness to the growing population of disbelievers, I would suggest that our religiously zealous public servants pay for and hand an addendum below all “In God We Trust” signs, so they would read: In God We Trust (Except for Those of Us Who Don’t). WAYNE R. BARTZ, Meadow Vista