‘Bohemia’ ad doesn’t tell all

Reader Input
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Response to Mr. (Steve) Cavolt’s ad — 9/19/10 Auburn Journal: 1) Mr. Cavolt states the 2006 letter from the Army Corps of Engineers referring to the Bohemia Wal-Mart site is information that has not been updated in 18 years.  Why, then, was it included in the Draft EIR and Final EIR for the Bohemia Retail Project for 2010? Doesn’t the public deserve updated information since 1992? 2) The DEIR and FEIR two project options — a “discount club store and a discount superstore.” Mr. Cavolt states no tenant is known at this time.  Costco or Sam’s Club fit the description of a discount club store, and Wal-Mart fits the description of a discount superstore. 3) Mr. Cavolt states approximately 6,000 net new car trips will occur in the area. Six-thousand trips is mentioned within two pages of tables within the EIR that includes many other subgroups examining various increased traffic possibilities: trips that include or exclude pass-by trips, trips that include or exclude fuel station users, a.m. and p.m. peak hour trips, Christmas season trips, etc. 4) I gathered data since the beginning of this year from the Roseville Police Department for the areas adjacent to Costco and Wal-Mart located in Roseville. The amount of crime near Wal-Mart was significantly higher than Costco. Crimes included stolen cars, theft and armed burglary.  Lari L. Knedel, Auburn