‘Clear and present danger’

Reader Input
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Clear — The conservative and productive people have made it very clear they will not tolerate the radical and liberal-left actions of this current administration and its radical socialistic agenda. Present — The present conservatism from the “silent majority” is a direct result of an administration that cried out during its campaign for change, job creation, honesty and transparency and hasn’t delivered on any. Danger — The liberal left-thinking and acting politicians are in danger of losing their livelihood come 2010. Given the referendum of Nov. 3 elections, it should become very clear to all politicians that the productive and common-sense people of America will not tolerate a government that will mandate higher taxes, be given to wild and irresponsible spending, take more control of private enterprise i.e. banks, auto industries, etc., hire czars with socialistic/Marxist agendas, or try to suppress free speech as in the case of talk radio or Fox News Channel, or blatantly try to shove down our throats an ill-conceived government-controlled health plan that is 2,000 pages of Pelosi garbage. We do not want it. Bottom line: government, stay the hell out of our lives and let the productive and common-sense people of America bring prosperity back to America. Steve Cavolt, Auburn