‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ futile

Reader Input
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To the honorable editors whom I consider the fourth branch of governmental balance: the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy currently held by the Department of Defense is futile (Journal, Dec. 3). Many homosexuals serve our United States military with honor and distinction. The report will find that 18 percent do so. Many have concluded that if homosexual men and women left their posts, the military would suffer greatly. An issue of rape has been suggested along with morale, neither have credence. Rape is an act of violence and has nothing to do with homosexuality. Morale may be considered a coping skill or development of character but not sexuality. If Alexander the Great had discriminated against homosexuality, he would have lost many battles, including loneliness. The shame that exists is that this continues to be a smokescreen for more pressing matters. “Stop loss” is a much more valid study than witch hunting homosexuals. Wake up! Johnny Reeves, United States Army Veteran, LGBT proud member and United States voting Democrat, Auburn