‘Doonesbury’ offended reader

Reader Input
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I wish to apprise you of my concerns regarding some of the Auburn Journal content, editorial and otherwise. My recent concern is the comic strip, “Doonesbury.” I have enclosed copies of the offending dates, which were totally demeaning to Sarah Palin and her family. Major newspapers in Chicago, New York and Atlanta refused to run – for a full week or more – the Doonesbury comic strip that refers to excerpts from a book that was published to demean Sarah Palin with untruths. I was totally disappointed that the Auburn Journal did not choose to do likewise. I find the content of the said comic strip totally unacceptable, not only for the Auburn community but for any community. My other concern, although not as compelling as the Doonesbury comic strip, are some of the guest columnists. Namely, the nationally syndicated columnists that have a political agenda they attempt to foist upon communities to which they do not, never had and never will have an association. I feel that space is better reserved for local community concerns where local officials can either report to the community or express their concerns. William (Bill) Carpenter, Sr., Auburn