‘Dream Act’ bad news for state

Reader Input
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I agree totally with Steve Cavolt regarding how bad the California “Dream Act” AB 131 is (Reader Input, Sept. 7). He hit the nail right on the head, but it would not just give “illegals” $40 million of our tax money. Let’s call them what they are: citizens of another country and we’ll be paying for them to go to our colleges, while taking the money from other areas where it is needed for the benefit of our own citizens and taxpayers This is not only insane, it is criminal. It just shows once again, that our legislature does not care at all what its constituents think or want, or what’s best for the state. They have completely forgotten just who they are working for! Everyone should write to Gov. (Jerry) Brown and urge him to veto this bill. Marcia Winborne-Graven, Auburn