‘Endurance’ moniker is so parochial

Reader Input
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Could we please stop all this silliness about the so-called, “Endurance Capital of the World.” The inflated title may be acceptable if rectified perhaps to, “Auburn, the Endurance Capital of California,” which still does not mean to say “Endurance” Square is a fitting name for the new “Central Square” that is now under construction, but at least it would be a little more truthful. If our minds had largesse and were not so parochial, we might award the glorification to Katmandu, in Nepal, which is on the first stepping-stone to Mount Everest, where many souls from many nations have had their endurance severely tested in the trail and ascent to the “top of the world,” even unto death. So we ask that realistic perspective be remembered and observed to include the rest of the planet. What, after all, is wrong with Central Square? Does it not tell you exactly where you are? And couldn’t we also honor, memorialize and include other worthy members of our citizenry with art and sculptural commemorations besides the athletes? Let’s put some perspective into the decision. Marl Knox, Auburn