‘Fairies’ endow local youth arts

Reader Input
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On Dec. 18, Morgan Baldridge, a student at Skyridge Elementary School, wrote to the Journal noting that fine arts are essential to education by allowing students to experiment, by nurturing creativity and by teaching mindfulness and awareness. The Sugar Plump Fairies couldn’t agree more. The Sugar Plump Fairies are now a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. We are an all-volunteer organization and, in the past year, we have raised funds (while having fun) to be given away to support and encourage the arts for local youth. Through our grant program, ARTrageous, The Fairies have given mini-grants for the arts to Sierra Hills School, Auburn Elementary, Skyridge School and Del Oro High School, in addition to supporting various other arts projects for youth. As a result of generous private donors and the Fairy fundraiser, “April Foolery: A Prom for Grownups,” The Sugar Plump Fairies are currently funding arts grants up to $500. Please go to our Web site for more information about the grant program at www.sug We would love to help increase arts education opportunities for the youth of our communities. MICHAEL LEYDON, Auburn, president, The Sugar Plump Fairies