‘God’ doesn’t appear in Constitution

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Comment to Dale Smith’s Auburn Journal letter on Sunday April 15 : I just cannot keep quiet when people misquote the contents of the U.S. Constitution. Mr. Smith, please Google the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments, especially the First Amendment. Where, sir, is a reference to “God”? The “In God We Trust” question suggests to me a possible Jay Leno segment where he would ask the man on the street: “Is ‘in God We Trust’ stated in the U.S. Constitution?” Well, Mr. Smith, just because the majority would probably answer incorrectly (including yourself), that doesn’t make it so. If authority figures repeat an untruth often enough, people tend to believe it must be true. But you with your reverend/doctor title should be aware of the fact that “God” and “In God we Trust” are not in the Constitution or its Amendments. Our Founding Fathers remembered all too well how European religious majorities once in power were eager to burn people at the stake and otherwise persecute “heretics.” This is the substrate upon which the U.S. Constitution was written. The Founding Fathers purposefully wrote a God-free Constitution so America would forever remain safe from religious oppression. What if the shoe were on the other foot and you or your family were governed by Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, or non-theists? Wouldn’t you want separation of church and state then? Would you want to be coerced in public places by mottos supporting others’ beliefs? Really? Be careful what you wish for. Because the majority of Americans are Christians at this point in time you may feel safe from oppression by other religions, but history shows that majority religions can and do change. We should thank our Founding Fathers for their foresight — protecting all Americans from religious tyranny. Linda L. Hamel, attorney at Law, Meadow Vista