‘Obese Capital’ is more like it

Reader Input
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Many people of Auburn have an opinion on what to name our square: center, “clutter corner,” plaza, whatever. I agree the term “square” doesn’t seem to fit the location, nor does center, clutter corner, etc. The search goes on. As for recognizing a certain class of people in the name, I feel, as do others, that the endurance athletes are a very small community — talented yes, but small. Now, if we, as a city, want to recognize a large percentage of our citizens of Auburn, maybe we should call it the “Obese Capital of the World Plaza,” which seems to describe the majority of our citizens. One would have to be blind not to see what I mean. Just look around any street, any store, or in the mirror. This is a problem the people of Auburn can fix. Please take this moment to reflect whether your health is at risk as a result of this local epidemic. G. L. Davis, Auburn