‘OC’ should hire a real manager

Reader Input
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Maybe the (Rocklin) City Council should try posting job openings for the retiring positions. I think they might be pleasantly surprised with applications from talented, out-of-work people willing to work for half of what Mr. (Carlos) Urrutia is receiving (Journal, Feb. 25). This is a small town compared with Roseville and, perhaps, the Rocklin city manager needn’t be paid at the same scale in this fiscal downturn. I think we need to ask why Rocklin is in such dire financial shape if the city was managed so well by this current city official. The explanation of creative salary savings by our “retired” city manager sounds a lot like what the Tea Party’ers are protesting at the national level. Why couldn’t our city council find and interview replacements for the retiring officials? That sounds like the responsibility of a city council to me. Mr. Urrutia’s explanation for his increased income, derived greatly from the taxes of Rocklin citizens, is pretty astounding when so many are out of work, under-employed or working two jobs. Now that he’s back on the job, maybe he could “manage” to fix the “Welcome to Rocklin” sign on Pleasant Grove which now says, “Welcome to OC.” Janet Dunlap, Rocklin