‘Redistribution’ is already happening

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The phrase “redistribution of wealth” is used as if it doesn’t happen or never happens and shouldn’t happen. Well, it happens all the time and it’s been happening in favor of the wealthy for the past 30 years. Let’s see, wages of the middle class have been stagnant for 30 years while the top one percent has seen vast increases in private wealth. Mitt Romney is, in fact, an expert at wealth redistribution – in his direction. He has redistributed jobs from this country to locations overseas. He has plundered worker’s pension funds and passed that wealth over to his own venture capital group and his own personal coffers. He has managed to lower workers’ wages so his own company could increase their profits. I don’t think redistribution of wealth is bad, I think it is about time that the middle class got some wealth redistributed back their way. Harriett Bridges, Colfax