‘Salute’ letter harbors racism

Reader Input
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First off, let me say that I do not like to use individual’s names in letters as I consider it in poor taste and don’t like dueling with the pen. I would like to respond to the recent letter which commented on President Obama and his salute (Reader Input, May 2). Wow! How trivial. I am a retired Senior NCO who served for four years as a DI (drill instructor) and must say that I saw every infraction of the salute. The DI’s often commented on how poorly many of our top officers rendered the salute. In their defense, I guess they may have just been tired of having to salute. I don’t know what the person who commented on saluting had as an experience or involvement in the military. But I do wish people would quit hiding behind the dark flag of racism. They are just too obvious and must listen to the all-too-many idiots on the talk show circuits. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn