‘Shop Auburn,’ may it R.I.P.

Reader Input
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I was just in Downtown Auburn and appalled at what I saw. Whose bright idea was it to start a major construction project during a recession? Those stores Downtown are barely holding on and now this is putting them right out of business. Maybe the thought is to have them leave and then upscale the buildings. Upscale is history and you can see that by all the brand-new empty buildings all over town. Small businesses are struggling to make a living and there are a lot of people like me who try to spend their money in Auburn. You should be supporting these people who have paid taxes and brought in revenue for over 20 years. Gottschalks is gone, 49 is lined with empty properties, but we do have four Starbucks, or is it five? This is just driving people down the hill to Roseville to spend their money. With the holidays coming we will not really have a choice of where to shop. Someone needs to have another look at the drawing board for our little lovely Auburn, otherwise may Auburn RIP. Sherry Moura, Auburn