‘Stupid’ smokers are so inconsiderate

By: Sally Palmer Dawley, Auburn
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I’ve been reading in various papers about Prop. 29 to raise the tax on a pack of cigarettes by one dollar. I have a suggestion for a change. How about charging $3 or $4 or $5 for an extra tax on a pack? Think of that much more money that could be spent on good stuff in California. Perhaps that amount would be an incentive to stop smoking. But wait…tobacco companies would lose so much income if people quit smoking. Tobacco companies don’t care about the health of the human race. You start smoking with that first puff. You stop smoking with that last puff. I started smoking in the 5th grade with that first puff with a cigarette my cousin swiped from one of our parents. My second puff was my last puff. I learned as a 5th grader that smoking is stupid and unhealthy. I have a friend who used to smoke a couple packs a day. Her late husband smoked five packs a day. She now has emphysema and is on oxygen full time. No fun! What is irritating about smokers is they don’t care where they smoke. My friends and I were at Tango Frozen Yogurt Wednesday night, sitting outside enjoying our visit and yogurt. A young man was sitting a short distance from us smoking. The smoke makes it hard to breathe people! It stinks! And on the subject of ‘stinks,’ a smoker’s house stinks, their car stinks, their kids stink, their clothes stink, their pets stink and the smoker stinks. What don’t you care about? Another problem with smokers is how they dispose of their ‘butts.’ They don’t care how inconsiderate they are when just tossing their ‘butts’ anywhere. Walk around Central Square and see all the ‘butts’ on the million dollar sidewalk and in the plants. So stupid what they do. Beavis has a lot of friends with the same name… ‘Butthead.’ “Dear Lord, please help find a cure for stupid.” The cure might only be in my dreams. Darn…