‘Thou shalt not kill’ a commandment

Reader Input
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As you traveled around Foresthill or Auburn recently, you may have noticed hundreds of white crosses in front of various churches or on other private property. Some 400 crosses were set into the ground around Foresthill. Counting those in Auburn, more than 1,000 have been displayed. Maybe you wondered about the purpose of these crosses but drove past them too rapidly to read the signs informing you of it. Each cross represents one of the 1,001 babies aborted, i.e. killed/murdered, each day in the United States. Such is the horrendous legacy of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the infamous Roe vs. Wade case on Jan. 22, 1973. This decision, contrary to the most rudimentary aspects of natural law, legalized abortion in the U.S. It even opened the door for taxpayers to subsidize the infanticide. Hence, we are all unintended co-participants in this ongoing tragedy of human jurisprudence. Because of incomplete record-keeping, exact numbers are difficult to discover. Best estimates, however, indicate the total number of babies killed by man’s hands since 1973 is around 53,301,843. The poor record-keeping is motivated, no doubt, by the unwillingness of the hands-on participants in this godless behavior to reveal the true level and frequency of their depraved and depraving conduct. Proponents of this law deceitfully choose euphemistic words like “aborted” and “pro-choice” as opposed to more exact words like kill, murder, mutilate, or pro-death. These latter terms are simply too descriptive of the actual behavior. Only the most callous of nihilistic vultures would readily accept or approve of such unnatural behavior as a mother killing a child in her womb if this action were not couched in softer inaccurate descriptive terminology. The crosses have been put on display by members of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic men’s service organization, from the parishes of St. Joseph and St. Theresa. The Knights pray the crosses give you pause to think about this ongoing immoral conduct and what it means to us as citizens of a country willing to keep open the door to and walk down the slippery slope of such illicit behavior. The Knights wish to thank Pastor Paulsen of New Hope Church, Pastor Gary Anderson of Canyon View Assembly of God and Marie and Judy Bennet for their assistance in this attempt to save America’s soul. “Thou shall not kill” is a commandment. Not a suggestion. Peace and love: Ronald l. Roussey, Foresthill