’59 Little League memories are gold

Reader Input
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I want to thank Todd Mordhorst for his excellent story on the Championship Little League Team of 1959 (Journal, July 19). For those of us who were around then, it is wonderful to remember the excitement that these young 11- and 12-year-olds created, game by game. I don’t think anyone expected it. As a stay-at-home mom at the time, I remember ironing on a hot August day, listening to the radio, play by play, (no TV then) as the competition escalated, and then, being so disappointed when they lost. However, Auburn, as a whole, was in awe of these young boys who had showed quiet determination and talent under great pressure, and as a result, the tremendous reception in Auburn Central Square. I am so glad Todd used the picture of the thousands gathered that evening. That’s the way it was. My most vivid memory is of Coach Lloyd Beggs, ascending the stage in the middle of the crowd, and in his humble way, expressing disbelief that what that did would get such attention. Lloyd guided those boys the same way he ran the Auburn Journal for so many years, quietly, with talent, good judgement, understanding and fairness. Thank you for letting us remember a wonderful Auburn summer and all the great kids, many who today are still contributing to Auburn. Ginna Akers, Auburn