“My Tech Trip” sticks to the “fax”

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As I started out on my vacation down the American River on my “U-Tube,” conditions couldn’t be better. My favorite song was playing on the “C.D” player – “All My Eyes Live in “Text us.” I caught a fish “On Line” so I’d have something to eat but it was only “Wii” size. I didn’t even need my “Internet” to scoop it up with. I decided to rest on a “log on” the shore a while and found a can of “Spam” in my backpack. I decided to save that for later. Besides, the ingredients aren’t exactly “dot-org” ??? Meanwhile I spied some “blackberry” bushes nearby, some birds were “twittering” in and I found a handful of berries to eat. Then I looked at my “facebook” in the small mirror I carry with me and discovered the berries had given me a “blue tooth.” It made me “google” and laugh all the way downstream. I’m glad I didn’t head for the ocean instead in order to “surf-the-web” in E-bay” as conditions there are too “Dot-com.” Besides, it’s very “Bloggy.” You can barely see ten feet in front of you. You’d be lucky if you saw an “I-pod” of whales. When my adventure is over, I plan to “E-mail” a postcard to my friends about my trip. If I “cell-phoned” everyone instead, it would be too expensive,” I phone” only in emergencies. Can you “computer” understand what I’m saying? Throughout my story I’ve stuck to the “fax.” If you’re “game-boy” you’re welcome to come along with me next time. You’ve got to travel light though. No pets allowed unless they’re small like your “mouse.” You could keep it in an “X-box” lined with a mouse pad. I’ve enjoyed telling my story but had to sign off for now as I’m sleepy and it’s time for my napster. SARAH COE, Auburn