“Yes!” on Prop 8

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In California, we have the most sophisticated Civil Unions in the country, guaranteeing EVERY BENEFIT of marriage to same-sex couples. However, there are serious consequences to the religious and civil rights of those who do not believe that same—sex marriages are equal with heterosexual marriages. It is no longer simply, “live and let live”. 1) Parental rights in public schools will be trampled, as same-sex materials are implemented in K-12 2) Adoption agencies will be sued or forced to close their doors if they do not comply with state laws that allow same-sex adoption (as happened to Catholic Charities in MA.) 3) Private schools and home schools will not be accredited and licensed by the state if they do not comply with the same-sex curriculum 4) Private colleges will be required to open their married housing units to same-sex couples, or lose their accreditation 5) Physicians will be sued or lose their license if they refuse artificial insemination to lesbian couples 6) Pastors will be sued or imprisoned (as in Canada) if they preach against homosexuality, or refuse to marry such couples These are not scare tactics. Every one of these situations has already occurred, where same-sex marriage is legal. 1,500 laws in the state of California will have to be re-written to accommodate same-sex language. Endless lawsuits will challenge religious liberties . In 1998, the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child specifically guaranteed every child the RIGHT to a mother and a father. It is an internationally recognized human right. Those are the rights we should be protecting this November. For 158 years of California’s history as a state, marriage has been defined as “only between a man and a woman.” This is good law, good sense, good for children and for society. That’s why I’m voting “YES!” on Prop 8. Mesha Davis Auburn