‘60 Minutes’ showed candid Abramoff

Reader Input
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How many of your readers watched the interview with Jack Abramoff, the convicted felon, on “60 Minutes” last night (Nov. 6)? You won’t see investigative reporting or interviews like that on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox network. Abramoff gave a candid and fascinating look at how he essentially “bought” or controlled legislators by granting gifts and favors. One he was most generous with was our own former congressman, John Doolittle. This is not conjecture. In fact, staff in Doolittle’s own office jokingly referred to it as an “Abramoff subsidiary.” According to Abramoff, a most effective way of “buying” a legislator was by offering well-paid jobs to his staffers. And lo and behold, we find Kevin Ring — just convicted of bribery and corruption — as a Doolittle aide who went to work for Abramoff. We also find Doolittle’s own wife went to work for Mr. Abramoff in a well-paid position doing nobody really knew what. To his credit, Mr. Abramoff admitted to Leslie Stahl that what he was doing was corrupt, illegal and subverted the whole nature of our democracy and he seemed to apologize for it. Unlike John Doolittle, who continues to claim he did nothing wrong, now works as a lobbyist, and is currently pleading for leniency on behalf of Ring. Larry Smith, Auburn