‘Agendize?’ Give us break!

Reader Input
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Thank you reporter Bridget Jones for the story (Dec. 9) about Placer County Schools Superintendent Gayle Garbolino-Mojica’s pay package. Intriguing was information item 14 on the school board agenda: “Per Board Bylaw 9600 annually in December the Board will agendize the Superintendent’s movement to the next salary step, unless otherwise directed. This movement is at the discretion of the Board.” What? No wonder far too many children have trouble with spelling and English. It seems the folks in charge have difficulty writing a simple sentence. There is no such word as “agendize.” It is not in any dictionary or reference book. “Spell check” red flags it. A suggested spelling alternative is “agonize.” It is agony to comprehend the agenda item. Why can’t it say “each December the board may adjust the superintendent’s pay and benefits?” It is succinct. No wonder parents turn to home-schooling. I find it appalling that districts’ first choice to save money is to start with the school libraries. I suggest the school board reward the superintendent with a dictionary and a class on how to use plain English. MICHAEL OTTEN, Auburn, chairman, Placer County Library advisory board