‘Cutesy’ poll redundant

Reader Input
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If Mr. (Tony) Hazarian bothered to read his own paper, he should have learned from the constant stream of letters that the people residing in the vicinity of the proposed Bohemia project are not opposed to all “big box” stores, only to the location of one guaranteed to ruin the quality of life for a quiet, well-established residential community trying to preserve its ambience. These homeowners have been fighting this intrusion for over 10 years. His jolly little editorial (Journal, April 13) assumes that their fears are trivial. Would he then openly welcome a Wal-Mart and 1,500 cars in his plush neighborhood? I think not. He would add “none of the above” to his cutesy poll. He sides with Jim Conkey, who in his full-page PR ad claims his project conforms to the local redevelopment plan. By now everyone who has read Jim Ruffalo’s column knows that the Redevelopment Board and the Board of Supervisors are one and the same. Does this mean that the developer thinks he has the supervisors “in his pocket?” I sure hope not! Ask the four homeowners’ associations that surround the proposed location how they would vote on your little poll and why they are willing to fight this project through to the bitter end. Paula Celick, Auburn