‘Environuts’ helping reader

Reader Input
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John Chase (Reader Input, Sept. 4) seems pretty upset about people actually protesting about something they feel strongly about and considers them hypocrites for doing so. He should be smart enough to realize that one car driving across country has no effect on gas consumption or pollution in the U.S. but has made him take notice of a larger issue. The stuff about the president’s vehicle use is similarly wrong-headed. I’d guess he has no trouble breathing the clean air and drinking the clean water and having a car that gets much improved mileage and lasts more than 80,000 miles all because of the “environuts” he disdains. If he doesn’t want to be seen as a hypocrite himself, move to China where there are few regulations, except of protests of course, and you can’t drink the water but you can chew the air. Don’t want to leave the country? Move to Texas where Rick Perry is trying to bring China to you. Calvin Guin, Auburn