‘Lucky’ to have a car to live in

Reader Input
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Re: Another view, “Honesty will help our homeless,” by Dan Appel, March 30: As a homeless/jobless member I would like to comment, as well. I have been looking for work. I have turned in or gone online to turn in application after countless application to gain full employment. So far in the last five months: two interviews. I try to not covet the illegal aliens that have jobs that I could do. Suspect forged right-to-work documents, for if they were legal, why do they not speak, read and write English? I am more lucky than some others of my fellow homeless in that I get to live in my car. I remain faithful in God’s will for me. I worship my God, daily in prayer, and with other Jesus Christ followers two-three times per week.  I try to keep myself presentable with clean clothes, washed body, for the rare job interview, somewhat hard to do with one shower opportunity per week in Auburn. (Adventist Church, God bless them.) Yes, there is down in Roseville The Gathering Inn, for daily shower and a meal, inconvenient to my particular case. (Nothing in Auburn unless freezing temps.) Why? You spend in California, plus/minus $129 per day for those in prison, or $47,000 per year, which includes meals, health care, shelter. Homeless ($0.00) Why? Former army base/hospital Dewitt Center Empty buildings? Shelter? Oh, I know, too much trouble. Craig Harris, Auburn transient