‘Mister X’ staging at DeWitt was wow, amazing

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Wow, amazing, that a small community theater could put on such a performance. Recently, while in your city I read in the “things to do section” of your local paper an article that intrigued me: “Send in the clowns.” It mentioned your community theater staging a production of “Mister X.” My family moved from Europe a few years ago and I was curious about the showing of “Mister X” as this is a musical well-known in Europe, but hardly known at all in America. So, I decided to go see the production. Wow! You must be very proud to have a community theater who could stage such a program (the Russian American Music Academy and Russian Theater of Drama and Comedy in Sacramento). Both the singing and acting was superb! Most amazing — it was in English, which as far as I know, has never been done before. As you may know, the Reno Opera House had scheduled to produce this same musical earlier this year but it was canceled at the last minute. I cannot imagine Reno having a better production than this. They probably would have spent more money, but doubt it would have been more entertaining. I was so impressed by the performance and the talent in your local theater I just had to express my thoughts. Not very often does one find such a jewel in a smaller community. For those who love music and culture or anyone who may be considering moving to or visiting your area, they would be pleased to know about your local theater group. By the way, the theater itself (DeWitt Theatre) was very quaint, but it seemed perfect for this program. What a great community you have! Mitchell Benjamin Tulsa, Oklahoma