‘No dogs’ rule exists for reason

Reader Input
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I read with interest about people who think it is OK to take their little Fido into stores. This is without regard to rules or regulations. There are signs that say no dogs please. It is against the law to take a pet into an establishment that has or serves food. Health codes are in place so people do not get sick. You might think your little Fido is the greatest thing and you treat them like one of your kids, but Fido likes to lick his or her private parts, then lick your face, hands, or whatever, then you go into a store with all that contamination which is transferred to anything you touch. To bring your dog with you just makes it worse. Your dog sweats by panting then drops drool all over the grocery carts. To compare dogs to children is just a stupid way of trying to justify your careless, inconsiderate actions. I have two dogs, four cats and a parrot. But I would never be so dumb as to think it would be OK to take them into a store. Even the farmers market will not allow animals. But I bet you try, and then get offended when they ask you to not bring your dog in. ROBERT KING, Auburn