‘Taco Bell takedown’ uncalled for

Reader Input
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There is something very unsettling about David Marinoble, the perpetrator of the so-called “Taco Bell takedown” (Journal, Dec. 23). He seems like a petty and short-fused person who likes to pass himself off as a policeman. Yet, of course, he lacks the background checks, the training, the experience and the judgment that come with being a good policeman. In fact, he seems like the last person we would want to be going around arresting people. If he really has clear evidence of a crime, then he should turn it over to the police and let them arrest the person. This happens all the time. Instead, he follows the person into a public restaurant and attacks him, with the two brawling all over the floor in front of small children, and Marinoble shouting that he is a policeman — a blatant misrepresentation if there ever was one. I believe the district attorney should use this incident to show that — short of cases of self-defense, which this was clearly not — violent personal vigilantism is not the way to enforce our laws or protect the public. Marinoble needs to be charged with a serious crime. TODD WILLIAMS, Auburn