Gyms ready for new year rush to get in shape

By: Aurora Sain, Reporter
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Auburn gyms
  • CAC Fit: Located at 2514 Bell Road and can be reached at 530-885-1964.
  • 1 Lifestyle fitness: Located at 11800 Enterprise Drive and can be reached at 530-887-0215.
  • East wind yoga: Located at 922 Lincoln Way and can be reached at 916-613-9337.
New year, new body. 
Or at least that’s what a lot of people think when signing up for a gym during the first two months of the year. 
Anytime Fitness sees 50 to 70 new members sign up in January and February, kicking off the season of resolutions. 
“It is a huge influx,” Club Manager Karylie Cardenas said. 
To combat the inevitable drop in membership following the first few months of the year, Cardenas said they try to entice people with their 24-hour availability and classes. 
“We try to keep them engaged and held accountable,” she said. 
The trend is the same at CAC Fit, who sees the same trend with memberships after the new year. 
“The whole industry sees an influx,” Marketing Director Scott McCallum said. 
At McCallum’s gym they try to educate people and get them to try out classes or personal trainers. 
At 1 Lifestyle Fitness, in addition to twice the amount of new members, they also see returning members who haven’t been to the gym in a while. 
“Our main goal is to create a lifestyle change for people,” said Owner Jessy Owen. 
The biggest deterrent for people is when they don’t see results with their body in the time frame they imagined. 
Owen said his gym gives a pass to try out classes for 11 days to see if they can find something that will motivate them to keep coming. 
The fitness trend doesn’t stop at traditional gyms; yoga studios are also experiencing more memberships in the first few months of the year.
“Typically what happens is people take time off during the holidays and don’t pick up again until around the 15th of January,” said East Wind Yoga instructor Elliot Telford.
The difference with yoga is Telford said it is easy to pick up again if you continue to stretch and take care of your body. 
The yoga classes also create a different environment so people can work out as a group. 
“It’s more like a family here,” Telford said. “We have a really cool community of people.”
It is not always easy to stick to weight loss or healthy lifestyle resolutions but there are ways to make it stick a little better.
Owen suggests trying the workout on the days you would normally workout instead of trying it just when you have a day off. 
Another suggestion is to create a schedule and stick to it, such as twice a week or three classes a week. 
“Make smaller, more realistic goals,” McCallum said. “People expect too much of themselves, when they should be making attainable goals.”