District: Inappropriate behavior, not hazing

By: Gus Thomson, Reporter/Columnist
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A Placer Union High School District investigation found no evidence of hazing involving the Placer High School junior varsity boys basketball team.

Instead, what the district describes as several instances of inappropriate student behavior were discovered, leading to "corrective action, interventions and guidance for student athletes."

The determination by the district lifts a cloud over the Auburn high school's basketball team, that resulted in coaches being placed on leave and the junior varsity's season being suspended until the investigation was completed.

No specifics were provided by the district on the hazing allegation or what types of behavior were turned up. No hazing is substantiated by the evidence, the district said.

"Based on the investigative findings, effective immediately, the basketball coaching staff will resume their duties and responsibilities, and assist in determining the next steps in resuming JV basketball team activities," district Public Information Office Kristin Conner said.

The district stated that the patience, honesty and diligence of participants in the investigation was appreciated.

"As a district, we put the safety and well being of our students and employees at the forefront of all we do," the district said.