Reader input: Climatologists want you to believe they can predict weather 50 years from now

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Human-caused climate change is overwhelming, also climate-related threats to American ... well being are rising, by the Fourth National Climate Assessment.

What? Only a threat to Americans, not the rest of the world?

Ron Paitich, cites the "collective knowledge of thousands of climatologists" (Reader input, Auburn Journal, Jan. 3) but fails to name anyone. But he wants you to know there are thousands!

These are the same climatologists who flew in jets to the climate conference in Poland. Notice: Not one rode a bike or took the train.

Are these the same people who are running around yelling, "the sky is falling." These climatologists work with models (it is on how you interpret these models) they want you to believe that they can predict the weather 50 or more years into the future. These same people will tell you 30 percent chance of rain and you look outside and it's a downpour.

Paitich, about the sea level rise: Remember Al Gore warning us that years ago it would rise 10 feet or more? If that is true, why did Gore buy a home on Malibu Beach?

Why is it that these global warming alarmists want us to pay carbine taxes and park your car and ride a bike to work or to the store? Yet on any given day, Google the flight patterns of commercial planes, not to mention private planes. See how many nationwide — look at worldwide. And that is every day.

Think of all those jet engines, the exhaust, then think of your car. In a year what is the difference between your car and jet exhaust?

Paitich says we should rely on "legitimate climate scientists" who think they can tell what's going to happen 50 years from now ... but can't tell you what's going to happen next month.

These same people would be lucky to find their way home two days in a row.

Ron Paskey, Colfax