Reader input: Worried about how far Trump will go

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I know the Auburn Journal is reluctant to publish letters about presidential politics. And I can fully understand why… But today, in my heart of hearts, I feel called upon to offer an exception to this rule.
If President Trump can truly believe that he knows more than our generals (including General Mattis, General Kelly and General McMaster)… If he can believe that it’s preferable to align himself with the autocratic leaders of Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Viet Nam, over the democratic leaders of Canada, France and Germany… And if he can believe that an “invasion” of our southern border is worth a shutdown of our government (and that those losing their paychecks actually support this)… Then I think he is fully capable of believing (unlike President Kennedy in 1962) that nuclear war might be preferable to allowing his ego to be diminished. …
So yes, I’m worried!

Stuart Rawlings, Auburn