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Elections coming soon

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The upcoming elections will be here soon. Our Congressman, Doug LaMalfa, will be on the ballot. Much of the public doesn’t closely watch how their congressmen votes. Fortunately, there are organizations that do monitor voting records. One is According to their site, he’s voted 97 percent of the time for the interests of the wealthy and only 3 percent for the middle class. It also shows that he has voted 100 percent of the time for big business, 92 percent of the time to tax the middle class, 22 percent of the time for education funding, two percent of the time for environmental protection and zero percent for countering Russian interference. The website summarizes bills he has voted on by policy area to give transparency to their conclusions.

Another organization is the League of Conservation Voters. Their web site is They give LaMalfa a lifetime score of a mere 1 percent, with 100 being the highest. His hostile votes on conservation seem short sighted from a fiscal stand point. Is it not cheaper to prevent an environmental mess than to have to clean it up afterwards?

“It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.” — Benjamin Franklin

Tom Behlmer, Grass Valley