Auburn wellness workshop series to put participants 'back in balance'

Health coach Lynell Ross presenting four-part course
By: Jaime Carrillo
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A local wellness coach will be spending four consecutive Wednesdays getting Auburnites on their feet.

Lynell Ross, a certified wellness coach and personal trainer will be hosting a health and fitness workshop called “Back in the Balance,” which lays out her healthy living philosophy.

“People make achieving wellness too hard,” Ross said. “Staying healthy is about making small steps every day.” Ross believes the approach to long-term wellness begins with smaller, achievable goals which build into larger ones.

The workshop will be covered on four consecutive Wednesday evenings starting Oct. 21 through Nov. 11. Ross will work with attendees from top to bottom, and help those trying to get in shape with concrete goals to set and meet.

One of Ross’s clients, Wendy Sabins, attests to her skills as a wellness coach. Sabins, having trouble with getting her weight and health under control, said consulted with Ross who first helped Sabins deal with her stress problem before anything else.

“It was a real eye opener to understand what was blocking me,” Sabins said. “Having Lynell as my health coach helped me move forward.”

The workshop, presented by Ross, comes with a copy of her recently published book, Health Coach Wisdom, which covers her steps on preventing heart disease and type 2 diabetes, tips on how to reduce stress and how to work in fitness into busy modern schedules.

The 8 step plan laid out in the book to better health is a compilation of Ross’s own knowledge, as well as that of fellow experts in the wellness field. Erik Olesen, a licensed psychotherapist and neurofeedback specialist who has taught at San Francisco State praises Ross’s expertise among other wellness coaches.

“She’s a great listener, compassionate and very goal oriented,” Olesen said. “She’s very good at helping people make concrete changes in their life. In my opinion, one of the best in her field.”

The book is also chocked full of healthy renditions of your favorite foods, from apple pie to rigatoni and even curry.

“We can sit and talk about health and wellness until we’re blue in the face,” Ross said. “But unless we take action, nothing really changes.”

Ross began her career as a wellness coach after she discovered that 80-90 percent of diseases including type 2 diabetes and heart disease were preventable through lifestyle changes. Ross, who has heart disease in her family history, was afraid she would suffer through the illness as well.

“I’m living proof that we can all make good choices,” Ross said. “We have the power to take our life and health into our own hands.”