Another View

Flying fists and ruffians

By: Robin & The Time Traveler
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Portuguese Pirate:
The Time Traveler is forever whining about Newcastle being such a boring little burg that it makes writing a column for and about the place very difficult. He claims he has to lie about what’s happening just to make the column worth reading. I got news, Traveler. Things are going on in Newcastle. For example at the last meeting of the Newcastle Community Association which is conducted the first Monday of every month, a near riot broke out in the street outside of Antuzzi’s Newcastle Inn. No it wan’t an Antifa group. Far worse, ‘twas a couple of locals. I should take a second to thank Mike Antuzzi for allowing the NCA to conduct their meetings at his place. Very community minded Mike is. Where was I? Oh yeah, the disturbance at our board meeting. Bill Karl our board chairman was absent, taking a refresher course in oratory perhaps but in any event Jon Dufour was sitting in as chairman. Things were going smoothly, the discussion was in regards to fire safety in and around our little village and the possibilities of erecting a firewall along Interstate 80 behind the Newcastle mobile home park. Overheated cars very often catch that area on fire during the summer. Denny Rush, our school superintendent was in the middle of discussing fire safety around the school when a melee broke out in the street outside. Fists were flying and the language! Sounded like one of the Time Traveler’s blessings. As board members Dufour and the Traveler dove for cover under the table Stephanie Walters of Walters Personal Fitness Studio — our newest board member — jumped out and marched out the door rolling up her sleeves declaring “I’m going to put an end to this nonsense.” She gave those ruffians a serious dressing down while Dufour and the Traveler whispered words of encouragement. Meanwhile at the rear of the building another disturbance occurred. Mike Antuzzi and Art Berliner got into a slap fight trying to beat each other to the safety of Mike’s walk-in cooler. In no time at all Stephanie ran the hooligans off the street, order was restored. Jon Dufour was able to crawl out from under the table and reconvene the meeting while Mike and Art cautiously emerged out of the cooler holding hands. The Time Traveler stayed under the table just in case. Now on to the other news of Newcastle.
We’re happy to say the Newcastle Fire Protection District has broken ground for the new firehouse on Thursday the 12th! What, could it be true? YES! The Board of Directors: Eric Sprouse, Joni Elder, Robin A Enos, hey that’s me (aka: Portuguese Pirate), Lawrence Bettencourt and Bill Kahrl and other dignitaries, Jerome Encinas with United Auburn Indian Community, who donated to the project, Gerald Saladana who donated the property and Newcastle Fire Chief Kirk Kushen all had shovels and Lego hats to toss a little dirt in the air signaling the beginnings of the four-year journey. We had to contact the local Newcastle Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane the 4th to drag the Time Traveler and Wayne Hickok off the tractors, while the whole time they were kicking and screaming “my tractor, my tractor” and the contractor who will be doing the clearing and filling the firehouse site Gabe Mendez owner/partner of Gabe Mendez, Inc was overheard mumbling, “where’s my Taser, where’s my Taser!” It appears by the time you read this the work will have started, and should be completed within 30 to 40 days. There was a nice turnout of local folks, fire fighters, and the Auburn Journal’s own Gus Thompson was there taking pictures and gathering stories. So you all be real careful when you’re driving or walking near the job site as heavy equipment and flagmen will be working in that area. Oh, and also Placer County Animal Control will be standing by to see if the Bloody Parrot comes running out of the hole when the tractors move in to excavate. It appears the Parrot owes back bird support in the amount of 33 bags of seed! Oy Vey!
Tune into the Newcastle Television Show (on the radio) on AM 950 KAHI Radio Saturday morning at 10 a.m. to hear our interview with survivalist/wilderness therapist Jeff Adorador, MS, LMFT. If you miss it then it’ll be available by podcast from Saturday to the following Saturday at Jeff’s knowledge is very insightful. I took one of his classes and had a good time and learned a lot. See you on the radio.