Singing and dancing on the Silver Screen

By: Staff report
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Silver Screen Classic Movie Series continues on Saturday, Nov. 3, with the musical “Swing Time,” from 1936. Fred Astaire is engaged to Betty Furness when he gets Ginger Rogers fired as a dance instructor. To get her hired back, he proves how much she’s taught him — and then they just keep dancing. And dancing. Bye, bye, Betty!

The sixth of 10 movies Astaire and Rogers made together, this musical delights us for several reasons. As usual, they “meet cute” — accidentally, and she does find him annoying — after all, he gets her fired … but he also gets her rehired. She’s irked that she finds him attractive even though he’s engaged to somebody else. But through the magic of music and dance, they solve all their misunderstandings — which we knew they would from the outset.

This movie is shown at noon, 3:30 and 7:30 p.m. in the Beecher Room of the Auburn Library, 350 Nevada St. in Auburn. Presented by the Library, the movie is free. For information, call 530-878-7938 or visit

The next movie, “The Black Pirate” — silent, with live piano — is shown on Saturday, Dec. 1.