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Auburn’s Regional Park is a beautiful destination for fun

By: Scott Holbrook
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I love this time of year at Regional Park, especially in the early morning as the sun rises over the Sierra. The Auburn Area Recreation and Park District's (ARD) Regional Park (aka Chana Park) truly is an wonderful oasis for so many of us in the community, regardless of demographics. From sunrise to sunset, neighbors and visitors alike find their own personal way to enjoy the wonderful offerings of this park. Be one just there to chill and watch the leaves turn colors, or an challenging game of basketball during lunch there are so many ways folks utilize all options.  

Just so folks know, Regional Park is located in North Auburn just off of Highway 49 and Dry Creek Road, it is some 100-plus acres containing a variety of geographic and recreational features. One can access most all points of the park via an ADA accessible paved system of pathways (that have recently been rehabilitated), as well as the ability to venture off on dirt pathways to access some of the more remote and very beautiful areas.

Recreational facilities at Regional include a children's playground at both ends of the park (note: the playground on the South End is now being replaced with a brand spankin' new ADA accessible super playground), indoor and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, pickleball and tennis courts, a world-class disc golf course, three softball fields, several picnic areas, meeting/special event facility, small amphitheater, walking pathways and incredible scenery, all just minutes away.

Be it solitude or active recreation, there is no better place to head than Regional, despite some misconceptions, and misunderstandings, Regional Park is a safe place to go, any problems that seem to pop up happen well after the park is closed, and those are far and few between, not unlike any other park one can find like this.  

ARD and the Placer County Sheriff’s Office constantly work to ensure visitors are safe, the park staff is there most all the time during open hours, there are security cameras and ARD has added private security patrols after hours. If for some reason one feels uncomfortable going, I encourage you to go and see for yourself, I am confident you will be returning often!  

Yes like Dale Smith (reader input, Journal, Nov. 1), I truly love Regional Park, I have spent countless hours there with and without my children, parents and otherwise. My first experiences were like many taking the kids there to interact with the geese and perhaps have a barbecue or picnic. Over the decades I have found more and more ways to enjoy the park and have worked hard to maintain and improve this wonderful spot. I love seeing thousands of folks enjoying a concert, or the parents and kids during one of the many youth sporting activities. I have tried my hand at disc golf, but found I am more inclined for pickleball and a nice morning walk enjoying the incredible scenery (love where Rock Creek meanders through the incredible rock formations at the North End). I look forward to one day bringing my grand kids there, and know that all the wonderful staff at ARD will be there to ensure I will be able to do so (not so sure on my own kids though.)

Don't let the naysayers stop you all from coming out and having fun.  Go see the incredible colors of the leaves on the trees before they all fall off,  come watch the progress of the new playground. Bring Grandma and Grandpa and the kids, and have some fun, it is hard not to at Regional, one of the best places to be found in our incredible community.

Scott Holbrook is on the board of directors for Auburn Recreation District.