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Thankful for county help

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I am a disabled person, bound by my disability to a power chair as a means of getting around. For the most part, I have found the area of my residence to be a very comfortable place to live. However, the conditions at the exit from our park to proceed to Home Depot or the other businesses in that area required passage through an uncontrolled intersection.

I contacted “Will” at the PIRS (Placer Independent Resource Services) office in Auburn (1-800-833-3453) and sent him some pics of the area and described my concern. He interceded with the folks at the Placer County with a request for help. Did we get help  — in spades!

The folks at Placer County sent out workmen to accomplish the plan to help with traffic control which will allow for all who use the area to pass safely from one sidewalk area to another without dodging the cars that are a problem. I for one wish to thank all those who participated in understanding the problem and fixing it.

Well done!

Cliff Dove, Auburn