Our view: Thoughts on growing business, true determination and cleaner air in Auburn

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There is much to celebrate in Auburn of late.
Dynamic local company Flyers buying yet another firm and adding jobs and strength is worth a major shout-out.
We’re fortunate to have Tom Dwelle and his team in Auburn, running a $2 billion company, growing and innovating. This week, the company announced the purchase of SKS Oil of Southern California, deepening Flyers’ presence in the Southern California market.
The SKS deal is Flyers’ fourth acquisition in two years.
In a still-challenging economy, that’s unique; a fast-growing green sprout in a gray landscape.
It seems clear Flyers is poised for further expansion. They’ve got leadership, tech-savvy, and a drive to win.
In a statement to The Journal, Dwelle said the company’s success came from making cutbacks and weathering the economic storm while competitors weakened or went under.
Flyers is a complex operation that includes running service stations, delivering lubricants to factories, operating so-called “cardlock” locations and much more. It’s also invested in ethanol and solar.
Great companies have a blend of grit and imagination.
That’s the case with Flyers.
A rare sense of optimism
It’s hard not to be impressed by the optimism of those clearing the way for salmon to return to the Auburn Ravine.
These doughty folk were planting redwoods this week, a preamble to the hoped-for return of Chinooks. The fishes likely haven’t been in the ravine since the 1960s. Members of the Save Auburn Ravine Salmon are set on changing that by restoring habitat and, they hope, working out deals with water agencies to clear the salmon’s pathway up the ravine.
It’s a political, biological and economic challenge that may take decades.
Salmon are creatures of legendary determination. So it seems, are the people working to bring them back to Auburn.
Progress, though
more is needed
And finally, a qualified thumbs-up on progress toward cleaner air.
In 1990, we in Auburn had close to 40 days that exceeded the one-hour ozone standard.
There were fewer than five such days in 2014.
That’s encouraging. But the fact is, we are still wheezing and geezing more than we should have to.
Air pollution drifts up from the Bay Area and Central Valley and sort of roosts in Auburn and the foothills. Communities at many lower elevations are breathing easier, as the goop in the air is pushed right over them. Rocklin, for instance, has had no days in excess of the ozone standard in the last two years.
The majority of pollution we breathe here isn’t produced here. We just deal with it.
Auburnites live with a certain environmental irony: scenic beauty all around, but air quality that doesn’t quite measure up.
So some real improvement is taking place.
But the push for cleaner air must continue or accelerate. Our health depends on it.
~ The Auburn Journal