Reader input: No apathy for voting in Placer County

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   More than one thousand Placer County voters received assistance in person from the League of Women Voters of Placer County in the last couple of months. Many others accessed unbiased information from LWVPC through local TV (ACTV, WAVE Broadband), websites and video tapes.
   Founded when women received the right to vote 100 years ago, LWV has always provided unbiased education to voters on ballot propositions, voter registration and the voting process.  LWV has never been involved with political parties or candidates. Service clubs, retirement organizations, neighborhood groups and Sierra College regularly invite LWVPC to make person al presentations to their groups. The election this month generated more requests to LWVPC than any past election. Twenty-seven different organizations received presentations from various members of LWVPC at local venues like libraries, restaurants, banquet halls and classrooms.  
   Services from LWVPC are made possible by donations from the public.  Keep your local LWV going. See more at or mail your donation to LWVPC, P.O. Box 836, Loomis, 95650.
   Randi Swisley, Auburn