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Consolidate Placer County fire dispatch

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The recent fires once again illustrate the need for Placer County to consolidate all fire dispatch into a single center. In August 2009, Auburn Fire failed to get dispatched to the 49 Fire in North Auburn when it was destroying structures. This dispatch failure was direct result of Placer

County not having a single consolidated fire dispatch center.

Sadly nearly a decade later nothing has been done. ln neighboring Sacramento, Nevada, and El

Dorado counties they all have consolidated regional fire dispatch systems.

Unlike these other counties, it is common for 911 fire calls to be sent to the wrong center, thus creating needless delays and poor coordination of fire resources.

Lake County learned after the 2015 Valley Fire that having a fire dispatch system like Placer County has does not work and has since consolidated fire dispatch in March 2018.

To illustrate the point, the Placer County and its fire agencies place politics over public safety, both Placer and San Diego counties hired City Gate and Associates of Folsom to conduct a fire study. San Diego County recently voted to start working on consolidating fire dispatch, by contrast Placer County said the report was “flawed” a waste of $75,000 of taxpayer money.

Mike Gray, Roseville