With Reagan-family aplomb, ill GOP chair steps down

President Reagan son-in-law Dennis Revell facing major surgery
By: Gus Thomson, Reporter/Columnist
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Placer County GOP chief Dennis Revell has resigned as he fights a battle with a medical condition — Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia — that has resulted in major surgery scheduled for December.

In making the announcement this week and revealing the prostate gland condition he was first diagnosed with 15 years ago — Revell is carrying on the examples of his father-in-law, President Ronald Reagan, mother-in-law Nancy Reagan, and wife, Maureen, when they too made public afflictions they were battling.

In the case of President Reagan, it was Alzheimer’s disease. Revell’s mother-in-law, Nancy Reagan, revealed that she underwent breast-cancer surgery in 1987. And Maureen Reagan, Revell’s late wife, and he made the decision to go public with her fight with metastatic melanoma in 1996.

Each time, the Reagan family raised public awareness. Revell said he hopes his announcement will encourage men to have a greater understanding of their prostate health.

In a copy of a statement Revell made this week to the Placer County Republican Party Central Committee, he said that he wrestled with how much he would share publicly.

“While I suffer no egotistical delusions that I enjoy the same stature and notoriety of the late President, Mrs. Reagan or Maureen,” Revell said. “I concluded that I need to be true to their legacy and the example they set, by sharing my experience, in the hopes that it will prompt men to seek an examination with a urologist and determine whether they are appropriate candidates for early, less invasive solutions to the problems that an enlarged prostate can cause as a man ages.”

Revell said he will undergo major surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Ariz.

U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Elk Grove), whose district takes in much of Placer County, commended Revell’s service as GOP chairman.

“Under the exceptional leadership of Dennis Revell, the Placer County Republican Party became the key to my re-election victories since 2014,” McClintock said. “Without a doubt, Dennis played the key role in organizing and motivating Republican volunteers to ensure that we had a grassroots army to turn out the vote.”

Revell was able to reorient the party back to a core purpose of electing Republicans to office in Placer County, McClintock said.

“He will be missed as chairman of the Placer County Republican Party,” McClintock said.