Another View: Self promotion and talent at Newcastle gallery

By: Robin Enos & John Downs
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Portuguese Pirate:

Well The Time Traveler is at it again! The crazy Finn has pictures or paintings of himself in businesses and homes all over Placer County. The Time Traveler Home Consignment shop has an entire room dedicated to him. You would think that would be enough but noooooo! The old goat spent the entire weekend at the Newcastle Packing Sheds Studio & Art Gallery during last week’s Fall Art Studio Tours promoting who? Why himself, of course. I’ve never met a man more in love with himself than this old coot. Rumor has it he has been consulting with my attorney Harley Ridgecracker and the Traveler’s press agent Norris P. Thermadore III to publish his own magazine based on publications like People or US —only his will be named ME with Bloody Parrot as editor.

While he was at the gallery he snookered Joyce Williams, Pat Aragon and Jan Miller into sketching him and claims the sketches would be worth millions. They have them displayed in a special area of the gallery under the heading “Faces Only A Mother Could Love.” I should mention that Joyce has classes in pastels, Pat in oils and Jan in drawing. There is a lot of talent in Newcastle. There was even live music provided by Gia McNutt who does acrylics and sings — although not at the same time. The gallery is located in Newcastle kitty-corner from Newcastle Produce. Call 916-316-5580 for hours of operation.

Rumor has it the Traveler is planning to run as Newcastle’s mayor and claims he could do for the Newcastle art community what Clint Eastwood did for Carmel. I got news Traveler; I knew Clint Eastwood. He was a friend of mine and believe me, you’re no Clint Eastwood.

And now the Newcastle News, sponsored by Fibber McGee and Molly. Heavenly Days Fibber, the elections are done. I don’t recollect when we’ve had a nastier set of elections. They’re over, hallelujah, nuff said! Congratulations to the newly elected Lawrence Bettencourt, Bill Kahrl and the re-elected Joni Elder to the Newcastle Fire Protection Board. Now on with a new firehouse. I, me, Robin think we have a shot at having the new firehouse up in a year. I’m very optimistic.

Mark your calendars. The 4th annual “Newcastle’s Christmas in Marshall Square” will be celebrated on the second Wednesday of December or if you’re into actual dates that’s December 14th. Time of event is between 5 and 9 pm.  We’ll have Santa Claus with Mrs. Claus at his side riding into Marshall Square on the Newcastle Citizens 1941 Van Pelt Fire Truck (one of Newcastle’s most cherished icon’s), Sugar Plump Fairies, we’re hoping again for Supervisor Jim Holmes to do the honor of our Christmas tree lightings ceremony, s’mores, vendors, food, music, cotton candy and MORE, plus yes of course I’ll be there posing for photos and signing autographs. If there are vendors out there that would like to participate, please contact me at or call 916-663-2812. We have limited space. Time Traveler will be there trying to convince the Newcastle Elementary School third grade children to use their Crayola crayons to draw him. Put it this way, for those of you that don’t know him, his favorite phrase is “Hey, Hey look at me.” Oh, yeah, in case you hadn’t heard Sheriff Bonner and his deputies hauled him away last Thursday for being a public nuisance. He was parading back and forth in front of the Newcastle’s Art Gallery while bellowing “Come on, you want to paint this face, you all know I’m an artist’s dream”.  That boy’s got problems.

My prayers go out to all the Native Americans and fellow Water Protectors at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. WATER is LIFE! I also pray for the police that have been sent there to do their job that they use good judgment and common sense to ensure everyone’s safety. I have high regard for police officers and do understand they have been put in a very difficult spot. Last word… DPOP! If you keep reading this column, you’ll know.