118 degrees, but we survived

Reader Input
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With all the hot weather I thought you might like this historical week in Fontana, some time in the ’70s. I woke up at home before going to work as a kindergarten teacher. It soon became 118 degrees on my thermostat. My day started at 8:30 a.m. and it was already 118 on the thermometer. Our rooms did not have an air conditioner so I thought the parents would keep their kids home but they didn’t. I had 100 percent attendance for the whole week. Other teachers brought fans from home but mine did not have a covering to keep out little fingers so we’d all put paper towels on our faces and I’d let them lie on the rug and read to them. Now, in Southern California, the high point of the day is around midday and after that the sun went down and the temperature with it but that didn’t work that week. It stayed 118 degrees for 24 hours for a week! What a contrast to the opening day of school when it snowed for a whole weekend and there was 12 inches of snow on the ground when school started and they had not hooked up the heating system yet in our new school. For three days we wore lots of warm clothes. These two unusual weather patterns happened in the same year. I remember the years I went to Riverside Poly High School and we had no air conditioning but we survived. Be thankful for cooler weather and air conditioning. DORRIS PADGETT, Loomis