Auburn's Classic Christmas: 5 Reasons To Not Miss

Old Town festivities start Saturday
By: Gus Thomson, Reporter/Columnist
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The heart of the holidays will beat strongly in Auburn this coming Saturday and again on Dec. 15.

Every year, for nearly three decades, Old Town Auburn has welcomed thousands into the rustic business district for an evening of celebration. For many years, it was Country Christmas and now its Old Town Auburn Classic Christmas.

It’s a nod to the traditional and retains the magic of past Old Town Christmas evenings. It’s on, organizers say, in the rain, snow or under moonshine — from 5 to 9 p.m.

Here’s an unofficial Top 5 list of can’t miss attractions at the event, in no particular order:

  1. Clam Chowder

Chowderheads with a hankering for a helping of the creamy New England variety will be lining up at historic Firehouse No. 2 for a serving of the Auburn Hook & Ladder Company No. 1’s famous version of a Classic Christmas favorite. Served in a bread-bowl out of a large caldron, it’s the perfect complement to a late-fall fest.    2. A View From On High

Wagon rides have been a part of the Old Town Christmas celebration from the start and they’re back with a magical bonus. It’s “all aboard” for a hayride that clip-clops up to the Park Victorian, the upscale hotel in the white building above Old Town for a rare opportunity to drink in a picture-postcard view.

  1. Beverage Bonanza

The beverages will be out in force, with local craft beers some of the big stars of the show.  Auburn Alehouse, Crooked Lane Brewing and Moonraker Brewing will all have quality suds on sale for quaffing.  

  1. Mud On The Menu

Music will be a big part of the Classic Christmas atmosphere and who better to perform than Auburn’s own classic-rock-tinged storytelling folk-rockers Brother Mud. The band will be on the Firehouse Stage for Saturday’s event, joined by The Herald on The Front Porch and Tim Williams at Kids Corner. The lineup for Dec. 15 will be Manzanita (Firehouse Stage), Franklin & Hammond (Front Porch) and Musical Robot (Kids Corner).

    5. Shoportunities Abound

As well as a plethora of Old Town businesses open on the Saturday evening, food trucks and vendors will alight on the closed-off streets at the heart of Old Town. Vendors include Hatch Iron Works, Liquid Amber Trading Co., Sea Pony Couture and Cosmic Shark. And save some room for a meal or snack from one of the Old Town eateries or a food truck. Bacon specialties, pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, and burgers are some of the outdoor offerings.