Love the parade but spectators’ spots reserved too early

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The Festival of Lights Parade is wonderful, but how unfortunate and inconsiderate that parade- goers are allowed to block off spots so far in advance.
Literally two days in advance — chairs are already lining the sidewalks. It really puts a damper on the fun of it, when you can see days ahead of time that you won't have a very good chance of a decent view. Isn't there or can't there be some kind of city ordinance put in place to prevent this? Where else are you allowed to block off a space and crowd public walkways so far ahead of time, for a free community event?  Maybe the Chamber of Commerce or the City could establish some boundaries in the future, in the interest of fairness and making it available and pleasant for all attendees?  Wonderful parade — just an idea to promote a better experience for all.

Kris Kenoyer, Meadow Vista