Reader Input

No one cleared parade’s path

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Just had the worst experience I’ve ever had in Auburn:

Friends from El Dorado Hills came to town around 1 p.m.. to eat lunch, shop and save a spot for the parade. Not knowing the parade was turning into the fairgrounds, they set up about 20 yards past it. We arrived around five and met up with them. I guess the latecomers knew the route and started setting up in the middle of the street.

Another gentleman and I made a couple of trips out into the street to explain that traffic still needed to get through, some were nice and understood, other gave us attitude and stayed put. Now the big rush came and the crowd grew. People trying to get through are now pushing past us because the road is blocked. The guy working the gate at the fairgrounds did nothing and neither did a bicycle-mounted Auburn Police officer. Disgusted, our friends decided to leave, “no reason to stay for a Parade of Lights that you can’t see.”

I don’t think they will be back and I’m not so sure I’ll be returning either.

In the years past, I remember Auburn PD out ahead of the parade making sure the path was clear — this year, no. On our way out we stopped to see a semi-truck towing a float struggle to get to the gate, the people in the street made it even more difficult for him. I wish we would have stayed a little longer; I would have liked to see what the people with attitude did when the fire trucks didn’t turn into the fairgrounds. My guess, they trampled the people who had been there for hours.  

This is a blemish on Auburn, Auburn PD and the event organizers.

Randy Guagliardo, Auburn