Another View: He clicked the Bic, and ignited an inferno in Newcastle

By: Robin Enos & John Downs
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Time Traveler: Well I’ve almost made it. The day after tomorrow, unless I trip and fall, I’m going to be racing through the doorway into next year with the hounds of disaster snapping at my heels. Once I get the door slammed shut and locked I can be pretty smug about outrunning both them and the Grim Reaper for another year, although I’ve noticed recently the latter has been drinking his morning latte on my front deck, a little unsettling, not much of a conversationalist.

Maybe next year will not be so hectored and harried. Maybe I’ll spend the year strolling through elysian fields, tiptoeing through tulips, munching on lotus petals, smelling the roses—nah, probably not—that’s not me.

Before we start the next year there is some old Newcastle news to clear up and I expect the Portuguese Pirate will have something to say about that. But I do want especially to thank all the Newcatleites who contributed to making our annual Christmas tree lighting celebrating on December 14 such a success and it’s growing every year.

I want especially to thank John Maddos and Mike Antuzzi for building the fires in our twin fire pits that the little kiddies can roast marshmallows and S’mores over. For those who don’t know them, I would describe John as looking a little like Blackbeard, the bloodthirsty pirate who had decided to go straight, slapped on some thick glasses and got a job as a librarian. Mike makes me think of Ernest P. Worrell who did the John L. Sullivan commercials some years ago.

Mike offered to build the fire because he is an authority as he is in most things and he met a Boy Scout once. So Mike carefully arranges the kindling but drat! No match. So as he ran down to Antuzzi’s Inn to get a Bic lighter, John yells out “yeah, whatever.” John picks up a two-gallon gas can and strolls over the fire pit, tips the can — clug, glug, glug, glug — glug, glug then wanders off smiling. Mike races up, lighter in hand, flicks his Bic and whoosh! Mike spun out of the inferno looking like a rat that’s stuck his nose in a light socket yelling “see, I know what I’m doing, I know what I’m doing.” Anyway boys, thanks for the laugh.

Portuguese Pirate:

Well the 2016 Christmas has passed into history, families have all gone home, ugly gifts have been returned, put into the re-gift pile or accidentally left on top of the car as you head for the freeway, oops!

Christmas in Newcastle’s Marshall Square was once again a success because of the volunteering and donations of these folks and businesses; John Maddos; John Downs; Image Pathways; Monster of Massage; Produce Nerd; Sierra Safety; Ophir Elementary School; Recology Auburn Placer;  Cole’s Christmas Tree Farm; Echo Valley Ranch Supply; Sunset Ridge Mandarin Farm; Neil’s Blasting; Suzie Brown; Jon Dufour; Newcastle Elementary School; Supervisor Jim Holmes; Newcastle Artist Studio;  Raffine’s; Newcastle Firefighters; Antuzzi Inn; Sugar Plump Fairies; The Lauer Family; Bill Kahrl; Jessica Ybarra; Lawrence Bettencourt; Rick Rhoby and council members of the Newcastle Community Association.  If I missed you, I apologize, so many people involved in the making of this event. Oh, and the surprise was a bluegrass duo that finished the evening with some sweet music.

It was an evening of family fun, shopping, caroling, S’mores, good eats, Tree Lighting, Santa Claus, craft making for children and adults and more. I’d also like to thank Russ and his beautiful Christmas Extravaganza that is also on display in Marshall Square all during the Christmas Season. Oh and yep, I too have to throw out a special thanks to Michael Antuzzi for the special entertainment, CHILDREN, PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS.

Thank you to all our readers for your ability to read, it’s really made the column so much better!  We hope to have our TV show “The Newcastle TV Show” back on the air in January. So my parting words are,  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 and see ya all at the Babblers.