Overpass oops above Highway 49

By: Gus Thomson, Reporter/Columnist
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It’s 15 feet of headroom and don’t you forget it, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office was reminding truckers this week via a Twitter blast.

The reminder came after a close shave Thursday by a truck of 15-plus-feet height that attempted to squeeze under the Union Pacific rail overcrossing above Highway 49 in North Auburn.

Images from the Sheriff’s Office show a gouge at the front southern end of the northbound lane and a scrape mark under the overpass proceeding into the ceiling of the concrete span.

Also prominent are signs indicating that 15 feet is the maximum height for loads.

Lanes of the busy highway and the railroad track above were shut down for a short time to determine the extent of damage and were both back open soon afterward.

And the truck left the scene with the driver opting not to fess up to the error in judgement.

“Don’t try to sneak a taller truck underneath,” the Sheriff’s Office pithily tweeted. “It won’t work.”